45 Years

Passion Style and Quality for
45 Years

We dress space

For forty five years, Carobbio has created borders, furnishings and flooring for swimming pools. Today we represent a Made in Italy brand in the field of cement and reconstructed stone items for urban furnishings, renovations and major works, as well as for interior design.

From father to son

The craftsmanship that is part of our culture has given us the impetus to develop an international market, which we oversee today in continuity: Carobbio represents the strength of its founder and the expansion capacity that the second generation brings to the company with commitment, initiative and openness to new challenges.

A global future

The market that we face is continually expanding: today it is global in its dimensions, but very particular in terms of the nuances that the customer demands, which are transformed into design and manufacturing techniques and diverse forms of customisation. Only the all-Italian design and production flexibility by Carobbio can meet these demands.